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Donations to the Eagle Education Fund allow more grant dollars to be distributed in support of innovative, creative, and inspiring educational initiatives in the community. And, all contributions to our 501(c)(3) organization are tax deductible. 

As with any financial decision, we recommend that you take the advice of a trusted investment advisor, exploring creative ways for your gifts to achieve maximum benefits.


Donors may give visibly or anonymously. There is no greater encouragement for others to give than to see what community leaders have given. Donations can be made in a donor’s name and gifts will be publicly acknowledged. Or, if preferred, all activity may be kept anonymous.

Ways to donate to the Eagle Education Foundation:

Cash: A cash gift is the simplest and most convenient means of sharing in the work of the EEF. Cash gifts can be made at any time and qualify as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

Appreciated Securities: Gifts of appreciated securities (stocks and bonds) may also be used to support the work of EEF.  By transferring stocks or bonds to the EEF, a donor may avoid capital gains tax and achieve other tax benefits.

Bequests: In a will, donors can include gifts of cash, stock or property, whether specific or by percentage; a gift in trust to benefit family members during their lives, with principle conveyed to the Fund at their passing; or a gift of the remainder of an estate when other specific bequests have been fulfilled.

Trusts or Life Insurance: Check with your investment professional for information on the development of a trust benefiting you and the Fund, assigning life insurance dividends as a gift, or naming the EEF as beneficiary.

IRA Distributions: Generally, when you take a distribution from your IRA, it is treated as taxable income. Under this provision, made permanent in the 2015 federal spending and tax package, those assets are excluded from income if the distribution is made directly to a charity.

Donate Online via Paypal
Make a donation using PayPal for our Yearly or Endowment funds.
Yearly Donations
Make a donation towards our foundation's annual funding.
Make a donation toward our foundation's endowment fund.

Mail donations to:

Eagle Education Fund

c/o Brian K. Gotchel
1318 Vallee
Woodbury, NJ 0809

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