The Eagle Educational Foundation's mission is to educate, enrich, and inspire the lives of students in the West Deptford school system by augmenting its curriculum and educational experience with additional programs, courses, and resources while broadening community support of our public schools. 

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The Eagle Educational Foundation (EEF) is a non-profit organization used to augment or supplement the existing West Deptford school system curriculum. The EEF will help enhance the educational experience in the West Deptford school system while broadening community support of our public schools. The Foundation has its roots going back several years, but was formally registered in 2018.

The Eagle Educational Foundation is made possible through donations and fundraising from the community. Your tax-deductible donations are invested in programs that educate, enrich and inspire our kids. What is good for our kids is also good for our community. 

This 501(c)(3) non-profit is part Endowment Fund and part Yearly Fund. Donations can be made to either account or to both. The Endowment portion is a permanent, self-sustaining fund that will ensure continued excellence in our school system. Any disbursements from that fund will be transferred to the Yearly Fund on an annual basis. Separately, Yearly Fund donations will be distributed each calendar year, as determined through the Foundation by-laws.

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Donald Hicks


Dr. Nicholas Dalsey


Matthew Husser


Tonya Schnarr


Mayor Denise DeCarlo


Scott Rollins


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